2019 HR Benefits Advisory Session

LIVE: 1pm, Sunday, Nov. 17th (Holy Trinity Cathedral Coffee Hour)

ONLINE: 6pm-8pm, Monday, Nov. 18th (phone and Skype consults with Senior Advisors).

Need help choosing the right HR benefits package for yourself or your family? We can help!

Philo4Thought hosts monthly roundtable discussions to provide pragmatic advisement on a variety of career-related topics in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. We are here for you and want to see you succeed! 

On Nov 17th:

Chris Salboudis (15+ years HR experience) will give a short talk on important considerations for proper HR Benefit selection.

On Nov 18th:

Chris Salboudis and Karthi Veeramani will moderate a special advisory session featuring Maggie Stavrianidis & Bruce Boucher, who will provide one-on-one advisement via phone/Skype to address specific questions, which will allow for optimal confidentiality.

 Step 1: Click Here to Register Online and read our Confidentiality Agreement. This event is 100% Free to our Passport Members. Non-Members are asked to contribute $5 for this advisory session.


Step 2: Click the "Mentoring Chatroom" feature at the bottom right of your screen to be connected with a live specialist. (If you're on your phone, please email p4tinfo@gmail.com.) Specialists are available to address questions in English and in Greek.


Step 3: Ask your designated specialist the questions you have about healthcare benefits!


Is this advisory session for me?

We are available to answer any questions you may have about purchasing, changing or renewing your health benefits. More specific questions addressed include the following:

Category 1: Professionals Employed Full-Time/Part-Time

(1) Single professionals
(2) Single parents with children/dependents (single/multiple health plan options)
(3) New Couples (joint/separate health plan options)
(4) Small Families (Parents + 1-2 kids...)
(5) Larger Families (3+ kids or additional dependents)

(6) College Students (switching to/from a student plan)

(7) Considerations for In-Service vs. Out-of-Service Providers

(8) Considerations for chronic illness when switching plans

(9) Considerations when using multiple plans

(10) Considerations for FMLA, Maternity Leave, etc. 

Category 2: Professional Contractors & Freelancers 

(2) PPO vs. HMO
(3) Alternative (Free/Low-Cost) Plans available under the Affordable Care Act

(4) Options/considerations for buying into union benefits package.

Category 3: Professionals Struggling with... 
(1) Unemployment

(2) Workman’s Comp
(3) Personal Injury/No-Fault Insurance
(4) Veterans
(5) Related issues that impact your current healthcare plan/needs.

Our Financial Advisory Team is also available (via email) to answer non-health-related questions. Email p4tinfo@gmail.com to be connected with them after this scheduled event. 

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