Karthiga (Karthi) Veermani
HR Specialist; Manager of Operations; Co-Chair of Curriculum Diversity

(B.A., Anthropology and Communication Studies, St. Cloud State University; M.A., Communication Studies, Southern Illinois University)

Karthi is Manager of Operations and Co-Chair of Curriculum Diversity at The Quad Preparatory School. Her areas of specialization include allocation of human and material resources and accounts receivable, working directly with Dr. Anastacia Kurylo (Director of Business Operations and Founding Chair of the school’s Board of Directors) and local community leaders to ensure best practices and service for all members of the Quad Preparatory family.


Prior to this, Karthi was an Adjunct Lecturer of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts at CUNY BMCC, where she taught Interpersonal Communication. She was also the Features Editor for the Center for Intercultural New Media Research, a global network (300+ scholars from 200+ universities across 46 countries) connecting to address the impact of new media on human communication across cultures and nations.


In addition, she is very well versed in social media marketing and creative writing/editing.


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