Peer Mentors & Ambassadors

Our Young Professional of the Month Honorees are vibrant and accomplished individuals from a variety of professional and academic disciplines who are dedicated to serving the community and providing guidance to new and transitioning students and young professionals as part of Philo4Thought's Peer Mentoring initiative.


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(HYP Passport Members are eligible for priority matching.)

Please read the FAQs about our mentoring initiative.


This initiative is distinct from the Mentor Mapping Internship Program established with our affiliates at CUNY and other local colleges/universities and from the new Student Network Advocacy Program (S.N.A.P.) that will launch in September 2020.

DESIGN & EDITORIAL CREDITS: M. Georgopoulos, M. Sabbagh, K.E. Rupp & Eric Sid.

C. Semertzidis, Film Production 2020
T. Anastasiou, Esq. 2020
S. Michalatos, Deacon 2020
P. Adikimenakis, CPA & Entrepreneur 2020
K. Kalliontzi, Politics, Economics & Public Relations 2019
K. Kalaitzidis, Curator 2019
Fall Spotlight (2019): NHSA
T. Apostolou, Curator 2019
E. Farmakis, Public Relations 2019
H. Koulos, Esq. 2019
B. Vetas, Engineering 2019
Dr. D. Athanasiadou, Biomedical Science 2019
C.N. Kyriazi, Finance 2018
M. Evangelopoulos, Biomedical Engineering 2018
A. Thomopulos, NHSA Past President 2018
D. Ziotis, Educator & Music Producer 2018
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