Student Network Advocacy Program

S.N.A.P. Faculty, Coaches, Counselors & Strategic Advisors 


"Community" doesn't end at a property line! Finding the right resources can be a S.N.A.P.!


Introducing our new Student Networking & Advocacy Program (S.N.A.P.). This network of experienced faculty advisors and advocates to provide you with the professional guidance you need as you take your next steps along the career path ahead.


We are interviewing and vetting those looking to join the team. If you are interested and (1) qualified to teach and/or coach college-age students and young professionals and (2) have a record of excellence in keeping with Philo4Thought's philanthropic and pedagogical goals and standards, please email anytime through July 2020.

Coaching Corner

Meet the Mentors:

College-to-Career, Counseling, HR, etc.

Meet the Mentors: Branding, PR & Growth

Meet the Mentors: Business, Law & Management

Meet the Mentors: Science & Engineering

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