Our Events & Initiatives
Philo4Thought offers monthly and annual events in addition to one-on-one mentoring and tutorials. To schedule a tutorial, please email p4tinfo@gmail.com.
For notifications about upcoming events, please sign up to our free mailing list. You can also view the event summary in the Eventbrite window below.
For a list of events in the NY/NJ/CT area, please ask to be added to the free mailing list available at info@haba.org -- and mention that you were referred by Philo4Thought! You can also explore our Facebook Community Calendar for a comprehensive list of affiliate events in your area.
(SPECIAL UPDATE FOR MARCH 9th & 11th 2020):
Due to the nature of the global COVID-19 health crisis, we are offering the option to hold both our March 9th and 11th workshops ONLINE and invite you to please view our article and video in response to the crisis:
COVID-19 Hits the U.S.:  Steps to Stay Safe and Healthy!
We will update this online article weekly with news from the Center for Disease Control, Health Department and other official sources. To receive the article updates, please sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

As many universities switch over from face-to-face classes to online classes to alleviate fears of contracting the virus, we wish all the students and young professionals in our network all the best. 
We are still here for you! If you are struggling with questions related to the topics outlined below and need assistance, please click the "Chat" icon at the bottom of your screen and ask your question we will reply tonight or Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm.
Additionally, if you are a faculty member or student facing the stress of transitioning to online instruction, we can direct you to specialists in our network for assistance.
We are happy to help!
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