Christina Karahalios

FEB. 2017

Philo4Thought Hellenic Professional Mentoring Initiative is pleased to present our February 2017 Young Professional of the Month! The goal of our publications is to provide positive, successful role models who will inspire the next generation of young professionals. Preliminary criteria for YPM candidates is that they are actively engaged in an entrepreneurial initiative or have made a successful career for themselves, thereby serving as strong role models to the next generation of young professionals. Candidates are typically of Hellenic origin and part of a humanitarian (educational, sociological, scientific, etc.) or environmentally-conscious field. Given the gradual expansion of our readership, we currently interview candidates who embrace a specific Hellenic philosophy best described in a word… Philotimo (φιλότιμο). The most important qualifications all our candidates share are the spirit and compassion to persevere, and the heart to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We had the pleasure of meeting this month’s young professional, Christina Karahalios, Senior Director of Operations at a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea and mother of three at the Youth Dance Group of Minos Cretan Syllogo (Astoria, NY), back in 2014. She is an avid philanthropic participant in several initiatives and a fine example of our Hellenic young professional community. We are honored to share her story with you today.

ARTICLE LINK: Art & Nurture: Managing a Balanced Personal & Professional Life

CREDIT & RECOGNITION: Many thanks to Christina Karahalios for sharing her story with us and to all those who contributed to this story, including our graphic designer Menios Georgopoulos and the members of the Pancretan Association of America who recommended the interview.

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