Katerina Melis
Teacher, Designer,
Arts & Humanities Faculty Advisor

Katerina is a seasoned designer, prototype/product developer and production manager, with extensive experience in the following industries of apparel and accessories and stage production. She holds a B.A. from SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (with honors) and is the inventor of several products, taking them from concept to market, including Avon's Sassy Soles.


In addition to her consulting work, Katerina teaches at the elementary school level and also teaches evening jewelry design courses as well as Greek school on the weekends.

Katerina's specialties include fabric archive/index compilation and analysis; supply management and engineering; team management; training and education. She is best known for her amazing problem solving skills, working in diversified, multicultural environments to find fair compromises between artistic vision and budgetary restrictions.

Katerina and her family hale from the island of Xios and are all very active members of various local, regional and national Hellenic and philanthropic organizations. 

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