Graphics & Web Design

Aaron currently works on several reality television programs at ITV America. Current projects include The Bethenny and Fredrik Project, Gucci & Keyshia: The Mane Event, The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms and Flip Wars.

Previously a design intern for CAK Entertainment, Aaron Seeger created PR presentations for big time celebrities like Wendy Williams and Keke Palmer. He also designed logos and edited pictures for the firm’s official website.

Aaron has recently been hired as a video producer and editor, and web designer and maintainer for Philo4Thought, a non-profit organization for young professionals. He and his partners were selected by Philo4Thought as Young Professionals of the month for September 2016, which features an on-camera interview.


Prior to his experience at CAK, Aaron created, developed and finished videos for pazoo.com, a health and fitness website. There, he co-directed, produced, shot and edited a series of videos for Jay Sean’s wife, Thara Prashad and her workout regimen. He also made promotional videos for amateur cross-fit athletes.


After earning the Muse Scholarship at Hunter College, where he currently studies, Mr. Seeger participated in two showcases where he presented original drawings and a short thriller about a psychotic murderer. He directed, co-wrote, produced, shot and edited the film.


Aaron’s most recent production is a short film that he wrote, directed, shot, produced, and edited for his New Media class. The film, called A Life of SIM, tries to project where virtual reality and simulation technology will be in the future. Other productions include a short documentary and a short comedy film. The documentary features varying perspectives on the narrative that today’s news outlets present. The comedy film was a parody on pretentious and unskilled poets. All of the films attracted several likes and comments on Facebook.


He also made a cameo appearance on a sports, music and talk radio show at The City College of New York, on 590 A.M.


Aaron is a creator, thinker, director, producer, writer and developer.

He wants to continue to be a creative mind in film and media- a true outside-the-box thinker. He aspires to make an impact on his industry as an all original force. 

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