Summer 2020 Coping w/ Crisis

Young Professional Empowerment Panel

Virtual Discussion Forum

5:30pm, Wednesday, July 15th

R.S.V.P.: Friday, July 10th



Join us for a special Young Professional Empowerment Seminar on Coping with Post-Pandemic Work-Life Transitions, featuring talks from a combination of seasoned counselors and educators and networking specialists addressing one of four general subject areas:

  • Developing positive and healthy coping mechanisms to address stress triggers preventing work-life balance;

  • Educational advancement and pitfalls resulting from the pandemic; 

  • Positive networking & job hunting tactics to use during the pandemic;

  • Related social, academic and career-related concerns that affect the young professional community as well as their instructors, advisors and counselors.


Discussion points will include top tips and tricks on the following.

  • Top stress factors currently affecting college students and new grads.

  • Top self-care practices to alleviate stress and maintain a healthy outlook and work-life balance.

  • Current and anticipated shifts in counseling methods, guidance and available resources.

  • Tips & Tricks for effective mentoring (for students, clients, peers, etc.).

  • Tips & Tricks for effective job hunting and interviewing during the pandemic.

  • Tips & Tricks for transitioning to or from college, graduate school, workforce, etc.
  • Tips & Tricks for creating a safe space for effective and engaging teaching and counseling.
  • Comments on the "new language" for teaching and counseling.
  • Related questions on young professional empowerment, teaching and learning, and more.


5:30pm Welcome Address, HYP Event Moderator:

  • Alexandra Liotopoulos (President, Ikaros HSA; Programming Director, Philo4Thought)


5:35pm Counseling Panel:

  • Kathy Diaz (LCSW Therapist; Mental Health Disaster Response & Trauma Management)

  • Elene Mironidis (Motivational Speaker; Emotional Intelligence Business Coach; Writer, Philo4Thought)


5:55pm Education & Career Panel:

  • TerryLynn Smith (Career Coach; Founding President, Giraffes Consulting; Leadership Coach & Mentor, Braven)

  • Chris Salboudis (Prof., Philosophy & Literature; Life Coach; Educational Administrator; Founding Director, Philo4Thought)


6:15pm Short Break (Featured Videos included below)

6:20pm “First Impressions” Branding & Networking Panelists:

  • Michael Coritsidis (Motivational Speaker; Vocational Coach, Phoenix House)

  • Anthony Kazazis (Motivational Speaker; Founding Director, NYC Network Group)

6:40pm Advisory Breakout Session will follow scheduled panel discussions.


Enjoy the following FREE advisory resources!  


Information covered is helpful for all

  • High school graduates transitioning to college

  • College students seeking guidance during the pandemic

  • Students transitioning to graduate or post-graduate programs

  • Young professionals transitioning from school to the workforce

  • Young professionals transitioning between jobs

  • Related service providers (educators, counselors, recruiters)


REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Please R.S.V.P. by July 10th!

  • This is a FREE EVENT and all are welcome!

  • The event will take place entirely on Zoom.​

  • Online registration is required. Only those who register online will receive the Zoom Link and Password the afternoon of July 15th.

  • Please share with friends!


Philo4Thought is a 501(c)3 philanthropic educational nonprofit foundation dedicated to the young professional community. We are offering this and other free collaborative summer events and ask that those who are able to donate something towards the advancement and continuation of our programming please do so. All amounts are welcome and much appreciated. All charitable donations support our educational programming, publications and College-Bound Young Scholars initiative and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


Join the conversation! Zoom Link for July 15th



We thank those contributing to this event, starting with our guest speakers and strategic partners and

Maria Zaloni @ Philo4Thought

Xristos Semertzidis @ Greek In The City

Larendee Roos Nicole Notar @ Roos Advisors

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