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  • A warm welcome to all new and returning readers! Our team joins in wishing each of you a great month ahead and hope that you are keeping the faith despite the current pandemic. We hope you'll enjoy this month's newsletter. Share it with friends! Send us some feedback! If there's a topic you'd like to learn more about, click the "CHAT" option at the bottom of your screen and leave us a message.

  • A shout-out to Elene Mironidis, whose thoughts will be featured at our Summer 2020 Young Professional Empowerment Panel on July 15th, moderated by our Program Director, Alexandra Liotopoulos.

  • A shout-out to our new Strategic Partners at Roos Advisors, NYC Network Group and Ivy Connect.

  • "Xronia Polla" to all those celebrating birthdays and special occasions this month.


Featured Video: 8 Steps to a Stronger, More Resilient You!

3. UPCOMING EVENTS: We are offering the following online opportunities, including

Zoom to Greece Summer Dance Series (June 20-August 15th): Click here.

Young Professional Empowerment Panel (July 15, 2020): Click here.

Internship Application Deadline Extended (August 15, 2020)

Philo4Thought Fall 2020 Internship deadline is extended. Please email p4tinfo@gmail.com to apply!


4. RECOMMENDED READING/VIEWING: Check out the latest additions to our e-Library!


  • Philo4Thought's COVID-19 Resource Page: At this time, we are offering pro bono services to help local businesses and programs make important transitions and request aid. To those who were laid off due to the crisis there are steps to request financial relief. We will continue to update our COVID-19 Resource Page, till the crisis has passed. If you need assistance with online strategies for your classes or businesses, please contact us and we can help direct you to the best resource if we don't have one in-house:

Email: p4tinfo@gmail.com

Phone: 212-851-9190

We are here for you.

  • Want to host an online #Career Advisory event? Email us to schedule an online training session with one or more of the professionals in our network. We are currently adjusting our online resources to accommodate larger groups.

  • #JobHunting? Check out our Job Board! Look directly at the career page for the company you like rather than sifting through third-party eRecruiters posting outdated listings.

  • Check out our Lifestyle Page and embrace a #HealthyHabit either on your own or with the support of our Lifestyle Coaches and Medical Specialists!

  • New advisory articles regarding the COVID-19 pandemic will post to our Lifestyle Page and COVID-19 Resource Page later this month, including editorial articles by Konstantinos Kalaitzidis and Philip Adikimenakis. We will share a new June 2020 APPENDIX to this newsletter, which will also include video segments of our 2020 Spring Symposium.

  • Recruiting mentors and advocacy specialists for new program (Fall 2020 Roll-Out): We are working through the summer to create a Student Networking & Advocacy Program (S.N.A.P.) that will address the transitional issues students and young professionals are facing during the global professional pivot of 2020. To join the team of skilled specialists contributing to this initiative, please email us at p4tinfo@gmail.com!

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