HYPLife: March-April 2020

Updated: Mar 28


Wishing you all a blessed Feast Day and a happy Greek Independence Day!

  • March 25th Sermon @ Holy Trinity Cathedral, NYC: https://youtu.be/7YVgcrjggng.

  • March 29th (1pm) NYC's first-ever Virtual Greek Independence Day Parade, co-hosted by Chris Semertzidis and Annet Artani of Greek In the City following the Divine Liturgy: https://www.youtube.com/greekinthecityny.

  • Tune in to these and other spiritual, cultural and educational programs that the community is working so hard to provide. Let your Greek Pride shine and don't give in to the panic caused by the current pandemic.

  • A shout out to our March 2020 Young Professional of the Month, Ted Anastasiou, Esq.!

Amazing April Everyone!

  • A warm welcome to all new and returning readers! Our team joins in wishing each of you Kalo Pascha (April 19th). We hope that you'll keep the faith despite the current health crisis. Above all, remember that though the physical doors of local churches and gathering places may be closed, God lives within each of us. Our hearts are His Home. In the meantime, the G.O. Archdiocese has set up online live streaming of all services. We hope you'll enjoy this month's newsletter. Send us some feedback. If there's a topic you'd like to learn more about, please IM/email/call.

  • Hats off to our April 2020 Young Professional of the Month, Chris Semertzidis!

Philo4Thought Annual Symposium (May 16th):

We are transitioning our 2020 Spring Symposium, Business, Innovation & Society, to a Virtual Symposium. We are working closely with several amazing leading technological specialists to transition our annual Symposium to an online platform. Please visit our Event Page for updates. We've prepared a special video, with best wishes to stay safe and find new ways to grow #STRONGER as we push past this crisis as we have so many others:

A shout out to the many Board Members, Mentors, Event Moderators and Community Leaders who have rallied over the past few weeks to help provide support to students, local businesses, etc. during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current injustice putting a strain on our beautiful homeland.

Philo4Thought's COVID-19 Resource Page:

We will continue to update our COVID-19 Resource Page, till the crisis has passed. If you need assistance with your online course or strategic planning for your business during the crisis, please contact us:

Email: p4tinfo@gmail.com

Phone: 212-851-9190

Remember, we are here for you.

A friendly reminder to be kind during the crisis. Check in with elderly friends and neighbors. Offer to share supplies or set up their live streaming while resources are so sparse. Be patient with local service providers overwhelmed by the crisis. Be vigilant and ask for the help you need. At this time, we are offering pro bono services to help local businesses and programs make important transitions and request aid. To those who were laid off due to the crisis there are steps to request financial relief.

There's a great new video about safe shopping during the COVID-19 crisis: https://youtu.be/sjDuwc9KBps (aired March 24th).


Featured Items of the Month:

  • Special Recognition

  • Upcoming Events

  • Community Outreach & Resources

  • Recommended Reading/Viewing

Additional categories may be added in future based on community needs and interests.


  • A shout-out to all those who rallied to help countless individuals and organizations mobilize in the face of the global health crisis, including our friends at Lexington Medical Associates, who took proactive steps to advise and care for the bustling NYC community with their medical expertise. We urge you to check out their COVID-19 informational videos.

  • Congratulations to the team at TedX UTH Larissa for their 2020 IMPEL, which was an amazing success!

  • Many thanks to HYP Philip Adikimenakis, who helped prepare a special article on staying fit at home, which is available on our Lifestyle Page.

  • Many thanks to the fabulous Rei Brown (Animation Student, Class of 2020) for collaborating with our editor on the creation of Philo4Thought's 2020 Symposium Video, to Mr. Seung Lee (Animation Instructor, High School of Art & Design) for recommending this year's featured young artist, to Athena Andreadis (Songwriter & Singer), Ethan Allen (Co-Author) for lending us this year's theme song, "Stronger" and to their PR specialist, Jordan O'Neill for preparing the featured ad at the conclusion of this month's newsletter.

  • We would like to take another moment to recognize the efforts of all those working to help us transition our Spring 2020 Symposium, to a remote event. The event date and time will remain the same. Online Registration is available. Ticket costs will help cover the cost of the online event set up as well as the College-Bound Young Scholars stipends. We thank our many Event Sponsors for their support and are determined to host a great event to the benefit of our local, regional and global viewers. (#2020Innovation, #HYPLife, #Philo4Thought)

2. UPCOMING EVENTS: Many events have been cancelled due to the crisis, however several educational and religious activities have been transitioned to remote, online platforms for your convenience.


  • Want to host an online #Career Advisory event? Email p4tinfo@gmail.com to schedule an online training session with one or more of the professionals in our network. We are currently adjusting our online resources to accommodate larger groups.

  • #JobHunting? Check out our Job Board! Look directly at the career page for the company you like rather than sifting through third-party eRecruiters posting outdated listings.

  • We invite you to check out our Lifestyle Page and embrace a #HealthyHabit either on your own or with the support of our Lifestyle Coaches and Medical Specialists!

  • COVID-19 Resource Page: Again, our resource page is available and open to all. We will update material weekly until the crisis has passed. For elder support, please contact HANAC. For medical advisement, please contact Lexington Medical Associates.


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