HYPLife: September 2020


September is a time for anticipation and reconnection with change! Amidst the autumn bustle, the thrill of fresh new connections and the small of your favorite latte are plenty of opportunities to gain the knowledge and resources you need to transition to the next level in your academic or professional path.

Our programming team has worked diligently to contribute to your success by establishing several new alliances leading to the following educational initiatives:

Our September Young Professional Empowerment Seminar specifically focuses on the theme of transitioning to the next level in your personal and professional journey so that every action moves you forward in a positive and empowering way. We're also pleased to share that our friends at the through Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia are hosting a College/Career Panel for High School Students in collaboration with AHEPA.

This month's issue is packed with material and opportunities designed to educate, inspire and empower our readers. As always, we are here for you.

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Additional categories may be added in future based on community needs and interests.

  • New Collaborators: A shout-out to our newest Strategic Partners at New Skills Academy and FlexJobs!

  • #EmpowerToday: A variety of seminars, chats, publications, courses and other resources are available on our site. Game-changing featured advisories are included below. Permanent copies will be stored in our e-Library later this month.

  • Career & Lifestyle: Our free Resource Center and COVID-19 Resource Center are available to all.

  • Intern Recruitment: Friendly reminder that all applications for the Philo4Thought Fall 2020 internship is extended to September 15th. Click Here To Apply.

  • Membership Renewal: A friendly reminder to renew your Passport Membership during the Fall 2020 Membership Drive (October 1-31) for reduced membership rates.


Our New Logo!

  • We're proud to announce the launch of our new logo, which is part of our 2020 rebranding project. Stay tuned for more to come!

A special shout-out to...

  • our Young Professional of the Month, K. Elias Rupp;

  • the fabulous array of guest speakers lined up, as always, for our monthly Empowerment Seminar; and

  • our newest Strategic Partners at New Skills Academy and FlexJobs!

  • Finally, Xronia Polla to all those celebrating special occasions this month!


Resilient You Part IV!


Young Professional Empowerment Seminar Series

Next Meeting September 26th 11:00AM (EST)

Connect with seasoned counselors, educators, career advisors, life coaches, networking specialists and other premier community leaders and peer mentors to discuss career goals and interests, post-pandemic Work-Life transitions and rebranding, pro tips for maintaining a healthy and productive routine and more.

Coffee-Side Chat: Virtual NetCafé Socials

First Friday Monthly....

Beginning September 4th 8:30AM (EST)

As many of you know, Philo4Thought has a fun Coffee-Side Chat origin story. In keeping with our roots, we invite you to share a Morning Coffee and friendly chat with us.

  • Meetings will be held on the first Friday of every month.

  • All are welcome.

  • Kick off the week ahead with some coffeehouse tunes: NetCafé Playlist


Philo4Thought Internships

Fall Application Deadline Extended

Sept. 15th

Business Management




Public Relations


Roos Advisors Internship

For Additional Opportunities, visit our Job Board.


  • Philo4Thought's COVID-19 Resource Page: We continue to offer pro bono services to local businesses, programs and individuals transitioning through these difficult times (including those laid off and requesting financial relief). Please visit our COVID-19 Resource Page for updates and new resources. Please contact us if you need help finding a good resource beyond our in-house services:

Email: p4tinfo@gmail.com

Phone: 212-851-9190

We are here for you

  • Want to host an online #Career Advisory event? Email us to schedule an online training session with one or more of the professionals in our network. We are currently adjusting our online resources to accommodate larger groups.

  • #JobHunting? Check out our Job Board! Look directly at the career page for the company you like rather than sifting through third-party eRecruiters posting outdated listings.

  • Check out our Lifestyle Page and embrace a #HealthyHabit either on your own or with the support of our Lifestyle Coaches and Medical Specialists!

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