Chris Salboudis
Founding CEO, Philo4Thought
Educational Director & Editor in Chief

Chris Salboudis, Founder of Philo4Thought Inc. (a.k.a., The Hellenic Mentoring Initiative, est. 2009), became interested in peer mentoring very early-on in life. As a first-generation American who had to overcome a number of struggles along her educational and professional development, she has chosen to dedicate her life’s work to helping the next generation advance in work and in life.

Having experienced a broad array of positive and negative mentoring styles at a variety of academic and professional levels since early childhood, Chris has dedicated herself to providing for those who are transitioning into the mainstream academic/professional network of their desired occupation. To date, she has served college age students and young professionals at the local, regional and global levels in various instructional and administrative capacities for ~25 years and began her formal career as a college instructor at the age of 19. She has a vast range of experience as an academic instruction and advisement, career advisement, and Human Resources and Grant-Writing/Journalism. Her seminars and publications are designed to help those overcoming the stress of getting through the American academic system, identifying career goals and building the confidence needed to flourish in academic and professional environments.

At present, Chris is a CPD-Certified Life Coach (U.S. & U.K.) with specialties in Work-Life Balance, Career, Relationship Building Strategies, and Mindfulness. She holds the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor at two universities in New York, where she has taught a variety of courses in Philosophy, Literature, Composition, Environmental Studies and related online, hybrid and face-to-face courses; she serves as the Administrative Manager at Columbia CGT-BE while completing advanced interdisciplinary research in Educational Learning Communities for the gradual completion of her doctoral studies at Columbia University; she is also an active member of her church community and several philanthropic organizations. While these professional and philanthropic endeavors have always fulfilled her career goals, the thing she values most is being the proud mother of two amazing young professionals who always keep her on her toes!

Sneak Peek to The Journey to Positive Energy (available to P4T Passport Members).

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